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Disclosure for processing of personal data art.10 L. 675/1996, as per the art. 13 of the new Personal Data Guardianship Code (dlgs 30 June 2003 n° 196)
The holder of the data treatment is Faronet s.r.l. via Mar della Cina, 183 00144 Rome, Italy.
Users can exercise their rights according to art. 13 l. 675/96 (access, data correction, cancellation, opposition to the personal data processing, etc.) by addressing to Faronet s.r.l.
Faronet s.r.l. considers and processes the information provided by users as private correspondence, therefore it will not: check, disclose, communicate such information except in the cases as it is stated in the present statement.
Users' personal data will be processed:
- for the management, the provision of different services and for customer care purposes,
- for internal purposes in order to elaborate market researches and statistical analysis.

Users recognize that Faronet s.r.l. could intervene on the above information where such activities could be necessary to:
a) conform to law and regulations;
b) adapt to a legal provision, including a disposition by the Judicial Authority or by another competent authority;
c) assert its own rights according to the present statements;
d) defend from contestation by third parties affirming that such contents violate their rights;
e) safeguard Faronet s.r.l.'s or third parties' interests.

Users recognize that Faronet s.r.l. could access the information or the contents disclosed by the service whenever it will be necessary and in order to detect and solve a technical issue or to respond to claims regarding the service.

Users recognize that the technical process and the elaboration of the information is or could be necessary to:
a) send or receive such data;
b) perform the functions of programming and planning;
c) adjust to technical requirements as requested by network connections;
d) adjust to technical requirements of the service.

Faronet s.r.l. is enabled to treat and file within its databases the name, the type of service, the activity reports of the service and other information relating to users, either in relation to the present agreement or any service provided according to it. Furthermore, according to art. 13 of the act n. 675/1996, users enable Faronet s.r.l. to file, elaborate and communicate its personal data for the following purposes: customer care (accounting services, agreements management, orders, billing, credit recovery), marketing, promotion, statistical analysis, research on customer satisfaction, revisions, data filing, and pre-agreement information.
I accept the terms of the above agreement
I am at least 18 y.o. or more